Version of October 3rd 2018


What are cookies?

Cookies are small parts of information being saved by your browser on your computer. Cookies give us the ability to assemble anonymous information about the use of our services and website. This helps us improve these services to provide a better customer experience.

What do these cookies do? 

Our cookies provide information related to personal identification and are used to process your order correctly. Additionally, we use cookies to anonymously save web traffic about your visit to our website. This helps us to analyse and improve the website. 

No personal information!

Cookies do not register personal information and data. Cookies do not harm you or your computer..

Aesthetic Wolf uses the following cookies: 

Functional cookies

These cookies help you, as a visitor, to have a better browsing experience on our website. We use functional cookies to keep items in your shopping cart, to keep you logged in e.g.

Analyse cookies

These cookies provide us insights about the web traffic, giving us the ability to improve certain parts and services..

Your cookie settings 

Accepting cookies

When you want to use our webshop and customer service without any problems, it it necessary to accept our cookies.   

Deleting cookies

You can delete or disable our cookies. Please keep in mind that the website might not work optimal in this way. 

End notes

We change our cookie policy when our webshop or the rules about it change. We provide the latest date of changes on top of this document.